• TG's Rocket Fuel


    TG's Rocket Fuel

    TG's Rocket Fuel Red Following on from the success of the Original Yellow Label, TG Developments identified a need for a lubricant with a higher viscosity,which was needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled Multipliers as the spool...

  • Tronix Rod & Spool Bands


    Tronix Rod & Spool Bands

    An ingenious dual-purpose band that can secure all manner of items together. Designed for securing rod sections together when in transit, you can store two rods together with ease. Doubles up as a spool band and can be used to secure rods to railings...

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  • Penn Reel Oil and Lube Angler Pack


    Penn Reel Oil and Lube Angler Pack

    .5 oz bottle of oil with 1 oz tub of grease Using a proprietary technology and formula that we acquired in 2011, PENN oil and grease are built to lubricate and prevent corrosion. We've tested the competition and the results are...

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