FTD Rig Winder 24 Case

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This case contains 24 round benders Ø 65 mm for all your rigs and your mounted leaders (surfcasting, boat fishing).

Round, these folders prevent folds and other deformations of your assemblies caused by the memory of your line (nylon, fluorocarbon).

Made from high density EVA foam, they are durable and rot proof.

The pins supplied with the case will allow you to individually block each of your assemblies and prevent them from overflowing (24 pins).

Colours may vary from those in the image

With its capacity of 24 folding boxes, the robust case will protect your assemblies from the elements (sun, water, salt, sand) and prevent them from weakening (eg nylon loses its resistance to the sun).

It has a handle for easy transport and its transparent front panel will allow you to easily view its contents at a glance.

A must for all bait fishing enthusiasts, both from the shore and from the boat!