Prologic Safety Clip QC Swivel Hollow Leader

Pro Logic

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80cm 45lb Hollowl core leader, safety lead and tail rubber, multi quick change clip, oval rig loop and 3cm anti tangle sleeve. • Quality ready-made hollow core safety lead clip leader. For anglers who like to spend more time fishing than setting up. LAST METER READY RIGS & LEADERS For easy/quick carping and instant results, you just have to try the new Prologic Ready Rigs. Designed and constructed to perfection, so whether you’re a first timer or more experienced you will have no problem in incorporating them in to your angling. Each rig is constructed from either Reptilian coated Braid, Super soft Viper braid, Mirage 3D mono hook link or Supple Super Snake braid so whatever the environment, we have it covered with the right rig for the right situation. Not only that, each rig comes readily available in a range of hook sizes or patterns. The new razor sharp XC2, XC5, XC7 help form the key part of these amazing rigs. Each Ready-Rig is presented perfectly on a dedicated rig board package to keep it straight and ready to use.