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  • Penn Reel Case


    Penn Reel Case

    The PENN Reel case is made of extra strong 600D fabric with PVC coating for extra durability and protection. It is especially designed to protect and carry your reel and spare spools against getting damaged from rocks, sand or dirt...

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  • A quality, durable padded reel case made from water-resistant, wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material. The Reel Case can accommodate both multipliers and the largest beach fishing fixed spool reels too. It has extra padding around all sides so that reels are fully protected. The 420D material is robust and hard-wearing. A strong zip covers three-quarters of the bag, allowing it to be fully opened for easy access. The zip also features a strong, rubberised Tronixpro branded tab to make it easier to use the zip when it is cold and wet. A fantastic all-round reel bag that will keep reels in mint condition when travelling from mark to mark or for storage at home. Each reel bag is designed to the right dimensions to slot into our Tronixpro Rucksack easily.


    Tronix Reel Case | Black

    A durable, padded reel case made from a water-resistant and wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material designed to accommodate both multiplier and fixed spool reels. It has padding on all sides to ensure the contents is fully protected. A strong zip covers...

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  • Suitable for reels in the 5500 to 6500 sized, this neoprene cover has been designed to fully cover multiplier reels when attached to the rod. The cover fully wraps around the front of the multiplier reel, underneath it has been cut out specifically to fit around the foot plate, so the underside of the reel is protected too. A Velcro strap secures the wrap around the base of the reel. On one side the cover is fully enclosed, whilst on the opposite side, the cover is open, this is to accommodate a reels drag, gearing and handle mechanisms. To keep this protected, a long flap can be wrapped over this area of the reel which attaches to the opposite side of the cover and is secured in place with Velcro. This strap is long and stretchy enough to fully enclose the reel, wrap around the rod butt and secure. Fantastic for anglers looking to protect their reels when on the move and for boat anglers wishing the protect their reels from saltwater spray when steaming to marks.


    Tronix Multiplier Wrap

    Designed to fully cover multiplier reels when attached to the rod. The cover fully wraps the front of the reel and around the side plates and underneath Velcro secures the wrap around the base of the reel keeping it securely on Ideal to protect reels...

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