• Cox & Rawle Spring Accessory Set

    Cox & Rawle

    Cox & Rawle Spring Accessory Set

    Perfect kit for making distance rigs, to be used with clipped down rigs and also rigs such as up and over. 10 high-quality stainless steel rig tensioning springs, 10 red 5mm beads, 10 green 5mm beads and ten 2 (0.84mm) leader sleeves for the discerning...

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  • Leeda Icon Spring Kits 10pk


    Leeda Icon Spring Kits 10pk

    Icon Spring Kits enable snoods to be placed under tension during the cast to prevent them coming out of the bait shield or clip in flight. 10 per packet.

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  • Gemini SRT Springs


    Gemini SRT Springs

    The Genie SRT Spring has been designed to reduce the stretch in the snood line whilst under the pressure experienced during casting, thus helping to maintain the snoods original length, cast after cast.The SRT Spring also keeps the hook under optimum...

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