Baiting Needles

  • Inova Baiting Needles


    Inova Baiting Needles

    80mm Long Needles 5mm & 10mm Size Included Allows for a great bait presentation, Great addition and companion to the bait weaver system. Stainless Steel

    MSRP: £4.99
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  • Cox & Rawle Bait Loader Stainless Steel

    Cox & Rawle

    Cox & Rawle Bait Loader Stainless Steel

    The new Cox & Rawle Stainless Bait Loader is simple to use 16cm/15cm in length so plenty of room for cocktail baits, helps present a neat and streamlined bait for a better presentation and a longer cast.

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  • Yuki Baiting Tool (Needle)


    Yuki Baiting Tool (Needle)

    Yuki Baiting Tool Brilliantly simple yet a must have item of tackle! The Yuki Baiting Tool allows quick and easy baiting of a whole host of baits, from black lugand crab, to soft baits such as mussel and squid guts. The two prongs hold the bait...

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  • Seatech Economy Bait Needles


    Seatech Economy Bait Needles

    SEATECH ECONOMY BAIT NEEDLES Economy stainless steel bait needles with either brass caps or hollow points. The holo point version present minimal bait damage. The brass cap version is better for bigger baits.   Picture is for illustration purposes...

    MSRP: £1.25
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  • Seatech Deluxe Bait Needles


    Seatech Deluxe Bait Needles

    SEATECH DELUXE BAIT NEEDLES Top quality stainless steel bait needles with yellow sleeving for comfort during use. A variety of sizes for different baits.

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  • Breakaway Bait Loaders


    Breakaway Bait Loaders

    Breakaway Bait Loader Simplistic in every way, much easier to use than conventional bait needle. You can either Slide the bait  on to the needle .Then put the hook in the loop and wrap with elastic or bait hook as normal then put onto needle and...

    £1.99 - £2.19
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  • Gemini Spring Loader Baiting Tool


    Gemini Spring Loader Baiting Tool

    The Spring Loader boasts the ability to package both single and cocktail baits in tight, well formed, robust packages with minimum effort or skill required.As the name suggests, the ‘Spring Loader’ incorporates a unique spring mechanism...

    MSRP: £3.99
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