Seaglo Ultra Flattie Balls

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Seaglo ultra flattie range has been designed to attract more flatfish ..

there half and half colour and the colours have been choosing to what works the best ..

seaglo ultra flattie natural are the best plaice fishing beads on the market as they have a more real colour to them and are one of our biggest selling beads and we are the only one who can make them and sell them in the uk ..

neon are a brighter day glow colour to them .. when testing the colours we had great success with all of them and the plaice was actually eating the balls as well as the baits .. .

they come in a wide range of colours and sizes .

all seaglo balls are reusable and you can add or remove them any time

4mm micro 20 balls to a pack.. suited for fine wire wormer style hooks

6mm 10 balls to a pack more suited to smaller hooks from a size 1 and below